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September 1st, 2020

The TREC Foundation has provided $31,731.00 in grants through the years to PA Sea Grant and the Natural History Museum at TREC for research, preservation, and archiving of flora and fauna at Presque Isle State Park, Lake Erie, and Erie Bluffs.

A few of the projects:

  • Stereo Microscope - Stereo Microscopes enable 3D viewing of specimens visible to the naked eye. They are commonly known as Low Power or Dissecting Microscopes. An estimated 99% of stereo applications employ less than 50x magnification and is used for viewing insects, crystals, plant life.

  • Freeze Dryer - Freeze-drying is a method that involves removing water from specimens via sublimation, and may be an acceptable alternative to conventional taxidermy techniques for teaching collections.

  • Equipment – For the collection and of flora and fauna specimens and preservation and display of flora and fauna for the museum and education exhibits.

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